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Adams, Douglas - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Dirk Gently #1)
Ahern, Cecelia - The Gift
Asher, Jay - Thirteen Reasons Why
Atwood, Margaret - The Handmaid's Tale

Austen, Jane - Pride and Prejudice

Banerjee Divakaruni, Chitra - The Palace of Illusions

Barrington, P.I. - The Brede Chronicles (The Brede Chronicles #1)
Bartram, Peter - Murder from the Newsdesk

Bender, Aimee - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
Brown, Dan - The Lost Symbol

Burke, Kealan Patrick - Midlisters

Cabaniss, C.P. - Worlds with Ruby (Ferriss Wheel Stories #1)
Cabot, Meg - The Boy next Door (Boy #1)
Carter, Stanley Bruce - The Girl from G.O.T.C.H.A.

Christie, Agatha - After the Funeral
Christie, Agatha - Cards on the Table
Christie, Agatha - Crooked House

Christie, Agatha
- Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Christie, Agatha - The A.B.C. Murders
Christie, Agatha - The Body in the Library
Christie, Agatha - The Mystery of the Blue Train
Christie, Agatha - Third Girl 

Conan Doyle, Arthur - The Adventure of the Empty House
Conan Dolye, Arthur - The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone
Conan Dolye, Arthur - The Complete Sherlock Holmes


Dahl, Roald - Esio Trot
Dahl, Roald - George's Marvellous Medicine
Dahl, Roald - Kiss Kiss

Dahl, Roald - The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

Daniels, Erin Lee - Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire
Dawson, Maddie - Matchmaking for Beginners
de Olinad, Noor - The Foreseen
Deverell, E.A. - The Female Correspondent


Fallon, Jane - My Sweet Revenge

Fertig, Judith - The Cake Therapist
Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
Fulford, Kate - In-Laws and Outlaws


Green, Linda - The Mummyfesto
Gupta, Prachi and Garg, Sanchit - Accidentally Cupid


Hammond, Kevin - The King's Peace
Harris, P.L. - Cupcakes and Cyanide (The Cupcake Capers #1)

Heldt, John A. - Indiana Belle (American Journey #3)
Heldt, John A. - September Sky (American Journey #1)

Herman, Michael - Girl with all the Pain
Hoffman, M.K. - Shell Game



Jha, Ajit Kumar - Write or Wrong


Kairu - The Road Most Travelled
Kala, Advaita - Almost Single
Keene, Carolyn - The Mysterious Image (Nancy Drew #74)
Kelk, Lindsey - The Single Girl's To-Do List

Kerner, Angelina - Follow the Snowflakes, A Christmas Novella
Kerner, Angelina - Seven Hours

Khan, Soha Ali - The Perils of Being Moderately Famous

Kinsella, Sophie - My Not So Perfect Life
Kinsella, Sophie - Shopaholic on Honeymoon (Shopaholic #3.5)
Kinsella, Sophie - Shopaholic to the Stars (Shopaholic #7)

Kinsella, Sophie - Shopaholic to the Rescue (Shopaholic #8)
Kinsella, Sophie - Surprise Me
Kinsella, Sophie - Wedding Night

Kundera, Milan - The Joke
Kwan, Kevin - Crazy Rich Asians


Lake, Alex - Copycat
Lakeland, Carl - Eagle Shield : Milestone Rising (Milestone #1)
Levy, Marc - P.S. from Paris

Luzzatto, Kfir - Chipless
Lyon, Raymond Kay - The Sherlock Effect


Marek, Marco - Hyperearth
Martin, George R.R. - The Ice Dragon

Matson, Morgan - Since You've Been Gone
Moriarty, Nicola - The Fifth Letter
Morrison, Shelby K - From the Ashes (Legend of the Liberator #1)
Moscato, Johnny - The Project
Murzycki, John - Elthea's Realm


Natiello, Eva Lesko - The Memory Box


Oliver, Lauren - Before I Fall
O'Neill, Ruth - Befriended

Paris, B.A. - Behind Closed Doors
Parry, Sarah - Reel Time
Potter, Alexandra - Be Careful What You Wish For

Prescott, Lizella - Killing the Unicorn
Pronko, Michael - The Last Train (Detective Hiroshi #1)
Pronko, Michael - The Moving Blade (Detective Hiroshi #2)

Purdu, Q.D. - Faking Lucky



Rayes, Jennifer - Intricate Deceptions (Intricate #1)
Riordan, Rick - The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1)

Rowell, Rainbow - Attachments


Sevilla Ho, Jose - Woman of a Hundred Names 
Simon, Steven - Relaunch! Stagnation, Change, and Renewal in Mid-Career and Beyond
Smith, A.G. - Beyond the Ocean Blue
Suvaal, Ryan - Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer

Swift, Jonathan - A Modest Proposal 

Thubron, Hollie - Insane
Thomas, Sean-Paul - My Sister and I




Ware, Ruth - In a Dark, Dark Wood
Weiner, Jennifer - Good in Bed
Weiner, Jennifer - In Her Shoes

Wilde, Oscar - The Importance of Being Earnest
Wolf, Amy - A School for Dragons (The Cavernis Trilogy #1)
Wu, Bo - Mermaids are Real : The Mystiq Prong




Zajaczkowski, Frank - A Family Garden
Zappia, Francesca - Eliza and Her Monsters