Review: Me in Search of You by Jenna Langbaum

Me in Search of You: I promise there's more to it. by Jenna Langbaum

4.5 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:

A wildly entertaining collection of micro fiction stories that delve into the hope, dismissal, frustration, angst, revival, and mediocrity of dating as a millennial and seeking real connection. Wistful and reminiscent, written for all the mes searching for yous and all the ones who have already found each other.

Part I delves into a young, tender college relationship that stretches from New York City to Texas and rips apart.

Part II is what happens after—the gritty, lonely, and sometimes dazzling world of dating in New York City: fix-ups, first dates, third dates, many, many Bumble dates, one terrible Tinder date, the often strangeness of two strangers, the often thrill of two strangers, and even one glorious cab driver who doubles as a love psychic.

Me in Search of You delves into the starts and stops, the ebbs and flows of not only dating but the triumphant self-discovery that comes along with it. Each piece is nameless in the hope that you’ll crawl into them and see yourself.

Book Review:

Very relatable and beautiful collection of micro-fiction tales. Can't believe it's a debut collection!

It certainly reminded this reviewer of what it was like to be in love and deal with all the confusion, uncertainty, and heartbreak. Very relatable collection. All of us have experienced something or the other that is mentioned here. The characters in her tales were also destined vividly in just a few words, I could practically visualize them in my head. A sure sign of a fantastic writer.

Oh, and New York City is basically one of the main characters of this whole book, right after the narrator in order of priority. Friends and boys come later.

We've all been through trials and tribulations brought on by our hearts, and we're powerless against it. Jenna Langbaum describes that situation beautifully with vivid imagery and evocative prose.

I often felt transported by her prose. Exceptional writing skills. I hope to see more by this writer. She definitely has a way with words.

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