MiniReview: I Would Be Doing This Anyway by Jia Tolentino

I Would Be Doing This Anyway by Jia Tolentino

3 of 5 stars

Book Review:

A short story you can read on Amazon (free with Prime) that is set in present pandemic times, but somehow veers into dystopia. And that's just the backdrop. The book is about our unnamed protagonist who ends up taking an assistant/manager position with a friend from uni, who is now an Instagram influencer.

It's a really well written story and I love the author's prose and word-weaving skill. Some of it is really poetic and sort of washes over you. While I was not entirely pleased with some of the choices the characters made, nor was I surprised by the "twist", the story overall was decently engaging, and the characters well developed.

I'm looking forward to reading more work by Jia Tolentino.