Review: The Road Most Travelled by Kairu

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Summary:
In a world where life breaches dangerously close to death, the Taker has come to collect. Past side street brothels, secluded houses, flooded slums and sterile high rise blocks, he remains determined to fulfil his mission - but who is he here for, and why?

Book Review:

5 out of 5. I know! But damn...

'The Road Most Travelled' sheds light on death and the frail nature of life in a way that few authors would tackle the said topic. This is a collection of short, but dark chapters that describe the last moments of different people's lives. They are good, bad, evil, naive - it doesn't matter. They are just people whose time is up.

This was the first book that made me take a break from reading since 'The Kite Runner'. It just felt wrong to move on to something without spending a definite time period actually contemplating the essence of this book. But those are the books worth reading as I believe it.

This is not a light read despite what the number of pages in the book would suggest. Some of the deaths and circumstances are described in highly graphic language, so I would suggest sensitive readers to stay away.

The author, Kairu, has managed to check all the boxes I look for in a story and an author. This book has definitely awed me and I couldn't believe this is her first book and that she hasn't published any more (I checked on Goodreads!) I hope that she writes more and that it turns out as amazing as or better than her first novella. I would love to read them. 

*A review copy was provided to Oh Just Books by the author in exchange for an honest review* 
This review written by - Ashwati 

A person who loves to not just read books, but bring forth the characters to life inside her head; then she loves them, hates them, studies them like specimens, and analyses their redeeming qualities and flaws, all the while wishing she were a part of the story and its universe.
PS: she also loves long sentences.

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