We're Starting Mini-Reviews!

So, we read a lot. A lottttt.
And sometimes we post those reviews only on Goodreads.

So, we decided we'd share the same here as Mini Reviews. They won't be as indepth, and they won't be regular either - it'll be as they're read. Our regular schedule of reviews every Monday will continue.

All review requests will be published on the blog and Goodreads as usual.

But the tiny reviews will be here under the label "MiniReview" - so if you're looking for a book, you can find it as usual in search, and it'll be all here, not spead out over here and Goodreads both.

Hope this turns into a more comprehensive resource over time. Of course, we may just go back and edit the Mini Reviews on re-reads.

We don't know.

We just felt like doing this, so we are!

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Photo Credits: tabletmag.com