MiniReview: The Mysterious Image by Carolyn Keene

The Mysterious Image (Nancy Drew #74) by Carolyn Keene
Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Review:

I had been a great fan of Nancy Drew as a pre teen and early teen and then I kinda just forgot about it.
But I recently found out that ebooks of Nancy Drew actually exist and I actually went crazy and downloaded six in a single day. Of course I haven't read them all yet, but I fully intend to.
I am ignoring my TBR and review copies and ARCs for Nancy Drew. And I don't even mind.
So anyway, about this book - Nancy is as always a strong character and very observant. It was a tight plot and a good mystery - not a clich├ęd one either!
Plot inventiveness - 5/5
I have just one question about something in this book that has me real confused - what on Earth is a shuttle flight? She takes, on multiple occasions, a shuttle flight from River Heights to New York, and she goes in the morning and is back by lunch?!
What technology is this even?

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