Review: The Foreseen by Noor De Olinad

The Foreseen by Noor De Olinad
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Book Summary:
Chosen by the gods, Astra and Lumi were born for a great destiny… If they have the courage to accept it.

In the kingdom of Drasilgard, the ancient and brutal ritual of open succession has kept the peace for many generations… until now. Three heirs, one crown and only the strongest may ascend the throne. Dark whispers of prince Lutin’s disappearance and princess Astra’s assassination reach the Temple that is both Lumi’s prison and home. Seizing the opportunity, prince Sorin declares himself High King but Lumi dreams that Astra lives. The dreams of this seer child give the people hope and fuel rebellion. Lumi’s dreams of Astra are the only thing standing between Sorin and the crown he longs for. She must be silenced.

The crown, however, is not the only thing at stake. For years the High Kings and Queens of Drasilgard have broken the ancient promises made to the gods weakening the only gateway to the realm of the divine, the Eternal Tree. Without it, divine presence in the mortal world will disappear leaving only darkness and chaos. With the night of the blood moon rapidly approaching and the Eternal Tree growing weaker, Lumi and Astra must fight to survive and protect the future of their land. In the darkest hours, their strength of spirit will determine the fate of all Drasilgard.

Book Review:
The moment I finished this book, my first and only thought was "I need this to be a movie." 

The story follows the daughter of the ArdRhí of Drasilgard, Astra Ardal who needs to fight her siblings in order to gain the title of ArdRhí and a young girl named Lumi who had been blessed by the gods with the ability of a seer. 

The setting of the story was incredibly well thought out - from the culture and traditions of Drasilgard itself, the different point of views in the story from different eras to the dynamic characters. I admire the process and the hard work that the author had to go through to come up with this fictional land, making something out of nothing. 

While reading the book, I felt like I was on an adventure with Astra and Lumi. It was fun and exciting. The author wrote this story in such a way that their problems were your problems, their joy was your joy, their emotional connection with the other character was your emotional connection as well. You will feel yourself being dragged along on this adventure to continue on the culture of the land of Drasilgard, defeating evil and bringing hope to the nation.

Towards the end, the story gets a little bit too rushed. I do understand why it is so (and you will too if you read the story) but I felt myself wanting more and more of the book. With every page I flipped, I wanted to see more of Astra, more of Lumi, of Bai, of Lutin... I wanted more. That's the emotional connection you feel towards these characters. 

The flow of the book was incredible. It was an easy read if you were to ignore the names of the Rhí's and the gods, because at some moment, it'd be too much to remember. Nonetheless, this book is a book that it is nearly impossible to put down.

*A review copy was provided to Oh Just Books by the author in exchange for an honest review* 

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