Review: The Mummyfesto by Linda Green

The Mummyfesto by Linda Green
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Summary:
When Sam, Jackie and Anna successfully campaign to save their children's school lollipop lady, they are asked by a TV reporter if they fancy standing in the general election.

It is, of course, a crazy idea: Sam's youngest son has an incurable disease, Jackie is desperate for another child and her mum is struggling with Alzheimers, Anna's teenagers - and marriage - are in danger of going off the rails.

But sometimes the craziest ideas turn out to be the best. And just think what they could do if they got to run the country...

Book Review: 
A mother is a force of nature. And this story reiterates that thought. It shows that if a bunch of compassionate, empathetic and revolutionary group of moms thought they could run the country, they could damn well do it - with a side of classy Tooth Fairies who left notes that were bound with pretty ribbons.

It is quite a journey that Linda Green takes you through in this wonderful book and you'll love the company of Sam, Jackie and Anna. Each of them are from different backgrounds, with careers that are diverse and are battling life in their own terms for different things. But they have one thing in common - motherhood. And that common thread, that innate impulse to shield your progeny from everything bad in life, gives way to a political revolution.

The idea at the heart of this book did touch me. The fact that you can try to better your individual life all you want but if you really want things to change, you should fight to better the world. When you feel strongly about things that you're so sure will better the world, you have a moral obligation to fight for those things. And if you belived enough, fought hard, you would eventually make changes. It gives us hope - and that is the single most essential thing you need in life. 

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