Review: Accidentally Cupid by Prachi Gupta and Sanchit Garg

Accidentally Cupid by Prachi Gupta and Sanchit Garg
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Summary:
Who says best friends can't be cruel, they are angels with horns.

Radhika, a pretty and fun-loving girl has a best friend Nishi, a vexatious short girl who she met on the very first day of college. At the same college she met Siddharth, a happy go-lucky guy who is desperate for a girlfriend, Manas, a one - woman man and Sameer, the college hunk, who is never single for too long .All fortunately end up being in the same class.

This college romance is about these 5 friends and their love stories.
Nishi has a crush on almost every good looking guy. In the midst of helping her friend, Radhika always end-ups being in funny situations
Sameer, the bad boy tries hard on Radhika but she is really difficult to impress .Will he ever succeed?
Is siddharth ever going to get a girlfriend?

The story takes a whole new turn when emerges the main villain of the story, a dangerous mom. Will the love stories meet a happy ending or are they going to be doomed?

This book is going to take you on a roller coaster ride of amusing events which has lots of drama and suspense. From the 5 main characters, one falls in the category of accidentally cupid and has a cupid’s secret. There are lot of mysteries waiting to be solved. Read and find out what’s the secret?

Book Review:
This is a sweet story of college shenanigans and romances. Assignments, birthday treats, crushes, rejection, scary professors, goofups, and pranks; all make up a part of this story which would remind you of your college life too.

Radhika is the titular accidental Cupid - a narrator as well as a part of the friend circle that this story covers. The group is made up of a diverse set of characters and their interactions are quite funny at times.

A strong focus on teenage emotions and the crazy things we do as teenagers is a major contributor to it's relatability because how many of us have done stupid things in college? That's right, all of us. But it was fun and enjoyable because we had our friends.

As mentioned, it is a sweet story that many of us can relate to, especially people growing up in Indian colleges. The storyline covers 4 years of engineering and is oddly engaging. There is something about the story which makes you want to keep reading. A sequel is in the works and I hope to read that too.

I have only one issue with this book - unfortunately it's a big one. This book needs a massive overhaul - proofreading done by a good copy editor. What confuses me is that at some parts the language is very well written and in some parts the grammar is such that it's hard to believe the very same people wrote both those things. Basically this rating is a 2.5 rounded off to 3.

Because look at it this way - it's a book that has appealed to a lot of people, and has potential to appeal to a lot more. But a more discerning audience would be put off by language errors, like me. A lot of people out there judge a book by it's grammar and how the language takes shape, like me. If it wasn't a review copy, I may not have read past the first few mistakes. But it was a review copy, and so I did. I am glad I read it too, because I honestly enjoyed the story; but my point is, they are limiting their audience by not catering to readers who wish for a more well structured text. I wouldn't wish that on any author.

This book has great potential so my only advice to the authors would be to please hire a good copy editor or atleast a proofreader for the next one. Preferably if they can modify this one too, it would be great.

*A review copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review* 

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