My First Six Months of Book Blogging

Hi Darlings!

It's been six months that I've started this book blog and it's been absolutely fabulous! I have been enjoying Goodreads, discovered so many new books and so many fun people!
I started getting review requests from Indie authors and I totally enjoyed it - the journey of dicovering new authors, seeing their blurbs, finding that their work is something I would love, and then reading, reviewing, supporting - wow!

I have been reading and writing for a long time and recently started book blogging. I know six months doesn't seem like a long time, and it surely isn't in the world of blogging. As is true for any kind of blog topic you choose, even book blogging takes a long time to make a mark and create a reputation for yourself.

Though I have e-known quite a few book bloggers and book lovers through Goodreads and Instagram I have not met many Indian book lovers or book bloggers, which is a shame, in my opinion.

I am an Indian book blogger and while I read all kinds of books written by all kinds of authors I would love to connect with people in India too!

Apart from this, I have been able to discover so many new indie authors who write so well, and whose books are such great works that I feel they should definitely have a greater audience.

Kindle self publishing is something that has definitely made life easier for writers, and some achieve dizzying heights. I feel if my review can persuade people to check out their books, I've done a good job.

Of course, before I got my Kindle I only ever read traditionally published books, and indeed even though I do accept and review a lot of Indie books, I do end up reading as much, if not more, of traditionally published books.

I might make this a recurring update column, and if there is something you guys would like me to write about, let me know. I would love to write a recurring column about say, book blogging in general, Indian book blogs, maybe about how to find great new Kindle books, sky's the limit!

Oh and also I was considering posting my tiny stories here, they're usually not more than a couple paragraphs; micro fiction, really. What do you think?

Thank you for joining me on my journey.


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  1. Checking out your blog as you have joined my group on Goodreads. So glad to have you in Bookish Bloggers :) Honestly I haven't read anything yet from indie authors, but I sure need to do it more. But I do have a book that I am waiting for from Amazon which an author asked me to read and review, so soon I will read my first indie book :)

    1. You should! There are quite a few gems out there :) Bookmarking out your blog :D

  2. Hey!
    So true that it is rare to find an Indian book blogger and book lover! But, I am one of them!
    Feel free to visit my blog at
    Also I'm on goodreads and I've sent a request.
    Where are you in India?

    1. HI Vijetha! I'm based in Bombay! SO glad to connect with you! You're my first Indian bookish friend <3


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