Review: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I somehow always manage to breeze through Sophie Kinsella books. There's something un-put-down-able about them.
This was an okay book, though I adore most of her work. I was surprised myself, because usually I love her characters and the qualities she gives to them. They're always endearing, irrespective of their particular weaknesses or foibles.
But here, I couldn't. I didn't like Lottie or Fliss that much. For me, a Kinsella character has always been someone I could see myself being friends with.
Didn't get that here, and that made the experience different for me.
Everyone in this book is way spoilt and self-entitled. Lottie and Ben act like desperate teenagers at the age of thirty three. Fliss is overbearing and a control freak.
Their sisterly relationship is super weird and they probably need to work through their issues.
Having said that, there were moments in the book that made me laugh out loud, as Sophie Kinsella tends to do in each book. And unladylike snorts of laughter at that.
Also, I personally do not think all guys are that clueless or confused that they have issues with marriage to that extent. Rose coloured glasses brought to you by the Shopaholic Series and Luke Brandon. He has my heart.

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