Review: Elthea's Realm by John Murzycki

Elthea's Realm by John Murzycki
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An absolutely gripping read. The world created by John Murzycki is a wonder to read and with his beautifully vivid descriptions, I could perfectly visualise the world. And God, it was a beauty.

I would love to visit the Astari, and the world of the Raised Isles. A utopia in the truest sense. I fell in love with the 5 authors of the Utopia Paper. I was sorry to say goodbye to them when the book ended. However, the author is releasing a sequel soon, so that's okay :)

I absolutely adored all of them, their bond, their growth as people, and their journey with each other. How much they improve as people, it's something that all of us should aspire to. Often you need something life changing in order to know your truest self. When that happens, your priorities and your sense of right and wrong will reveal themselves. The positivity that came through with these five, as well as the Astari's lovely natures, is inspiring.

All of us go through difficult times; there are no exceptions. But it is truly how you react to those situations that set you apart. Trial by fire forges the soul into something stronger.

There is so much I would like to write about this book but I am definite that I do not want to give out any spoilers. This book is an absolute must read and for that I must say that everyone should pick this up.

It might teach you a little about yourself.

*A copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review* 

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