April Update

I posted 7 reviews in April, you can read them all here.

Also, the past 10 days, I haven't read or posted anything because I've been really caught up with a lot of things.

As you can see in this review, I love alternating between heavy dystopian/post apocalyptic/scifi and then back to some light chick lit as a 'palate cleanser' of sorts. I absolutely love chick lit and I don't know why some people think that it isn't good writing, because some of these books absolutely are full of wonderful writing.

I read a lot of fantasy fiction and sometimes those world really put me in a different frame of mind and I just need some time to decompress from those worlds. They're very well written with intensive detailing, so you're absolutely immersed in that space, and once the book is over, one tends to get a bit disoriented.

Chick lit is the perfect antidote, in my opinion.

And for every kind of mood, there is always Agatha Christie.

Much love and books,