Review: The Project by Johnny Moscato

The Project by Johnny Moscato
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is really really good. Am consciously going to reveal no spoilers whatsoever. I want everyone to read this book, it's just that amazing!
As soon as I finished it, I knew this was something I just had to recommend to people.
I am not going to share a synopsis because that's already there in the blurb. I love the world that has been created in this book. I want to be a Leafer.
Yes there is science fiction in it, and good enough explanations for all the phenomena listed.
There are no glaring plot holes, which is one of the major issues in sci fi books. So I'm glad about that too.
The author has created such an amazing world that I would love if that actually happened on earth. Also, there are many thinly veiled references to names and descriptions of currently existing people and organisations.
Also, there is a lot about religion, science, and the intersection thereof. If you are too touchy about religion, you might be outraged. May I direct you to a character called Elsa.

What I liked -
- beautiful descriptions
- an amazing world and community created
- fixed most of the probable plot holes
- everything tied in nicely at the end
- so many new things in D2 that fascinated me
- incisive observations about what happens when you let power get to your head and cloud judgement

What I didn't like -
- the major cliffhanger at the end (but only because I'm impatient)
- a few minor typos

Seriously these are the only flaws I could find in the book! I recommend it to everyone!

*A copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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